Friday, October 10, 2014

Batman sequential samples

I'm kinda in between projects (*cough* unemployed) so I thought I could use the time and finally add some DC and Marvel samples to my portfolio. Digital pencils once again - you can download them here for free.

As for the script: I made up my own "story". Just wanted to show detailed backgrounds, cars, people, action, facial expressions and all the other cool stuff editors wanna see (or so I was told). The car crash sequence was a bit of a challenge. I love to torture myself so what I had in mind was that moment in Casino Royale where James Bond crashes his Aston Martin (?) to save Eva Green and the car flips over. Sigh. Eva Green...

Question for all you comic people out there: Does anyone know whom to send these to? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also feel free to share or, you know, show them to your editor. Or if you're an editor (even if you don't work for DC) contact me. I'm available for sequential and cover work.

No back-end/percentage of profit deals, please. I gotta eat, y'know.

P.S. Marvel samples up next. Haven't decided on the subject yet. Probably Hulk.


  1. Please tell me you got work? Your work is too good not to.

    1. Haha. Thanks! And yes, I got work now. :-)


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