Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Reality Check 2 - colored pages

Here are the colored pages for Reality Check #2 sans lettering. I can only repeat it: Paul Little is doing an amazing job on this series. 

Glen and I had a hard time finding a colorist for the book. Our first colorist was good but couldn't get anything done and jerked us around for weeks (if not months) before he stopped answering our e-mails. Some samples from other artists just didn't do it for me. That's when I suggested to contact Paul Little. I've been a big fan of his stuff for years but was pretty sure he'd be too busy since he's coloring a million books every month (they're all on time and they all look great!). I was really happy when Paul agreed to come on board. He brought this project back on track and is really killing himself to make me look better than I am.

Read the preview on CBR.

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